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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Caution, You are in a Library

Took up Mrs. C's spanish books up first thing this morning. Then I got ready for five classes of 6th graders to come in and get the library orientation and check out books. A very busy day! I did go along the shelves and put books up on top to begin with, and made sure I put up books that I could do a book talk on. Three classes got orientation and book talks, two got just the orientation. Checking them out took a long time! I had aides half the day and that went really well when they were around, but the rest of the time I was on my own! Most of the classes ran over the period time (but luckily they were block classes, so no big deal) but the last class I made sure to give them the information quick and check out books right away so they would be done by the time the bell rang and they did! One piece of my blurb I was really proud of    (and will put it here when I can!)   A very busy day with lots of talking then off to our Rogue Librarian PLC meeting at the Ram! My blurb:

Caution! You have entered a library! There is more death, lies and betrayals than you will ever experience. Things can get graphic, consequences play out. Princesses to break your heart or your arm, and dragons to pet or turn you into ash. Zombies lurk on these shelves and love conquers even vampires. Magic reigns, cooking triumphs and fairy tales twist ancient myths to urban truths. Beware! These books are not safe! There are also tales of great sacrifice and love, angst and compassion as the characters struggle with their own misconceptions. Everyone learns. Enter at your own risk!

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