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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Boxing Day

So today I packed all the rest of the boxes I had out. Sorted out all Mrs. J's science things, keeping the current resources, some of the good resources I put in a special section, but the rest went into boxes that will go to surplus. I have 18 boxes ready to go! Checked out our document cameras and one of the two worked, so that went to Ms. C's room and I took her other one and the other spare I had that didn't work and put in a surplus request. Had our copier guy come out and he did a ton of stuff to it, but I forgot to tell him about it not stapling, even though it has a full staple thing in it. Sent an email to our office manager to get more staples for it, get some filters for our projectors and order more Realidades 2 workbooks for those students. Changed a bulb on a projector. Worked on my order. Still too low!! I need at least $2000 before I submit and not there yet. Looked up all the books I checked out up at Barnes and Noble the other day and ordered most of them. Got some others that are just coming out. Laminated at the last minute! Mr. M walked through looking to see if I had laminated and I was concentrating so hard on my book order, I had totally forgotten about the laminator! I quickly turned it on and only had four sets of things to run through! I only had to stay an extra 10 or so minutes! 

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