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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Keeper of the Books

I just love it when students come in looking for the bookkeeper, it always makes me smile.  I always say "I am the Keeper of Books, but I am not the bookkeeper!" then I show on the school map or tell them where she is upstairs in the office area. Another student made me just grin today. He held the door for me when I came in and I asked him how he was today. He said it was his birthday, and he was really hoping for cake when he got home and to go spend the night with his cousins over the weekend. It was just a great conversation, no barriers, just two people chatting. Made me smile. I did a lot of smiling today! Two orientations to 6th graders today and checking out books. The IA with the class had me teach her how to check out and she was so great! We had fun checking books out to the students! I also had four classes come in to check out math books and did four classes of Kercheski Method for more math books. Finished up the Shapes and Designs math books with stamping and barcoding. Had my student who was working off book fines come in today with her lost book! Yeah! It had only been checked out once before, so I was glad it was back! And she doesn't have to work anymore! Did some laminating for three teachers tonight. I took in a little timer I had, and when I turn on the laminator, I set the timer for 10 minutes. If not done, I give it another 5 minutes. Works great! Got caught up on all my notes from students. Some to see if their old school can find their lost book or if it was paid. Others to ask for a book we don't have. Then I got more - ha! Love my job!

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