The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Today I only had three classes in quickly to get some books. That was great. I went up to Ms. B's room and got her projector and replaced the lamp and it's now working. Then I got another call to replace another lamp in the classroom. The IA called up, got the equipment model, I had a lamp, grabbed it and a Phillips head, ran up to the room, replaced the lamp and had it in and working before the end of the video they were showing! Yeah! The copier was just a little crazy today, but we had paper issues. I finished up the box that was sent down yesterday, and there were four more reams that had to be brought down. I boxed up some more surplus books. Then I decided I really needed to take some time to get on my book order. I got a lot done. New books, filling in lost books. Pulled up the lost books from last year, $3200 worth of books did not come home. That really disturbed me. That's a lot of money. Got my class list all set up finally! Yeah! Then we had techs in the building, so he set up my computer for Net Support to watch the kids when they're on the computers. A much needed tool!

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