The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


All the students were back today. I started in the gym helping to hand out schedules to the 7th graders. Then back to the library to see if I had any aides, but I didn't for first period. So then I spent the next 4 periods giving my aides tours of the library and some of the work we do there. I had five aides today! Some were really good, some a bit questionable! I also had classes in to check out math books. Gave them all a little spiel about the textbooks, they were brand new. It took awhile to check out since four of the classes were 6th graders & they'd never done that before. Did some Kercheski Method (give me your class list with name and student ID# - we check out books to each student, put the # of the book by their name, and send the books to your room. You get in more teaching time!) check outs for Mrs. C. I didn't like the way it was working out. We had to check out a textbook & a workbook. It was not going well in my opinion. I messed around a bit, and finally decided to pair the textbook and the workbook together for each student and put them in order of the class list I got. That made me feel better. I got all the classes done for her except one (four down)! One class Kercheski'd to Mr. S. Got my NetSupport but have no idea how to run it. So I messed around a bit trying to find out how to! Checked out three library books today and realized all the books I put out on the new rack do not have tattle strips in them. I will do those first thing tomorrow!

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