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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AR Contact

This afternoon after emails from our Language Arts teachers, I emailed the AR people and then decided to just go ahead and call (last time I just emailed, I never got a response~~) after a lovely chat with Zach, I had all the information I needed for the moment and a promise of a price quote in a couple of days. I will also get a phone call from our Oregon account exec and that will be great. Love their new non-fiction program as well. Glad to get that contact set and the wheels turning. Checked out three classes of books today. It was pretty mild. Funny story of the week. A student comes in and has a book from last year. They have had it since May. Then they ask if they can check it out again! I said, 'well, if you haven't read it since May, it might be time to let it go and let someone else have the pleasure of reading it.' They left it with me. I think I heard a heavy sigh! Had a teacher come in and do some laminating and I ran in to tell her to be careful since the rolls were almost out and there came the little tag on her last sheet. So, I ended up changing the rolls today and it worked nicely! Had three students come in from study hall today and wanted on the computers. I really didn't have room for them at the moment since our computer lab had a class in there, and I had students searching for books on those computers. So they decided to just write. After the class that was checking out books was done, I let them on and with our NetSupport, I saw one of the girls immediately start logging into her facebook account. Ah, no! I sent her back to study hall. Also talked with Scholastic today about our upcoming book fair and got a few things set to go for that. After work today, since it was nearly on the way home, I stopped at the Scholastic workshop and had a great time listening to ideas, getting a new cute book (!) and feeling very grateful for all I've been able to purchase for the school. Having a feeling I may give all teachers a 10% discount for anything they buy. Up to what I have on the books anyways! I may do some booktalks as a zombie librarian ~~~  booookkksss, more boookkkksss...

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