The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What's Best for the Kids

That was our focus today during our morning training for the school year. In the meantime, I worked on more of the math books. Loaded two huge rolls of poster paper onto our rack. Cleaned a filter on a projector for a new teacher and reset her filter timer. Checked out a few things. Got all my tables back to their ADA configuration with the help of our custodians. I still have one table I really want to get rid of! So, I sent out an email and hopefully someone will want it. Had a lovely potluck with all the teachers and staff today. Got a Leslie Lions t-shirt we are supposed to wear on certain days. Did some laminating for two teachers. Did I mention I worked on math books? All the Prime Times are done and I got through 90 of the Accentuate the Negative. Checked in books from a teacher who is off to another school. Redid all the math book shelves so all the new stuff will be in the right place. Mr. B came in looking for some non-fiction and I showed him we still have the Prentice Hall Lit books and he took one all excited. I love those books too! Off until the 6th graders come in Tuesday! Looking forward to them!

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