The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 21, 2015


I had my aides today work on 'Order in the Library' to check their shelving skills! Only one of them had time to really work and got 9 done and only has 2 left to do tomorrow! Impressive! Checked out 3 class sets of science book 'K'. Got all the rest of my new to us paperbacks covered. Did numbering on about 50 Looking for Pythagoras books. Had Mrs. H from Sprague send me a list of audio books and asked if I wanted any of them, oh YES! So I went through my books to see which audio I could pair with a book and ended up with about 20! Sent in a $400 order to Scholastic since I had to use at least $200 before my next book fair. I needed a new bookshelf and could not find it, tried searching, and finally found it in furniture! It was called a tabletop book browser! That made me laugh! Got some more little paperback book individual little display holders. So we'll be able to put out more awesome paperbacks I usually don't do because they flop over if we try to just stand them on the countertops like a hardback. And of course, books!! A day of ordering! Love it!

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