The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You Never Know What Doors...

The Right Book Will Open... Love the bulletin board I made today. I just hope it stays together! Doing a design with just taping it to the window behind there is harder than using an actual cork board where I can staple things in! A smaller version of the one I did at Sprague, but I still love it! Worked more on my book order today. Checked out to kids. Had my 3rd period aide do Order in the Library. They have all done really, really well! I'm impressed! Worked with our copier guy again, but I managed to get the staples to work on my own without him! Those old assembly skills come in handy! Found a place to order the air filters for our projectors and sent that in to our office manager. Talked to a book seller. I feel bad when they call because I'm not going to order from them and I know it hurts their business. Helped a student and parent with the StudentVue where they can look up grades, assignments and other things after school today. Ended up calling technology and got it done! Worked on a draft of my article for the newsletter. Tried to work on my mandatory training, but arghhh! Could not remember my password and couldn't find it either in my files! So, I have a new one now and will get that done tomorrow afternoon. I thought today, 'I need to order some good boy books', so will look at that tomorrow!

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