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Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday On Hold

Had our Spanish teacher in today with her students to access some computer based websites and I got to call technology for every period she had students! One call was to get the computers updated to Adobe Flash player, the other calls were to reset student passwords so they could log into the computers. So I got to spend a lot of time on hold waiting for the next available tech. I did get a few other tasks accomplished today! Pulled apart my book press and three of the books came out really well, one didn't. They'd been in there all summer, most to straighten out the water damage from being in the freezer (yes! handy tip, if you have wet books, put them in the freezer! Even better if you can press them in between something! The freezer stops damage and then slowly - like months - will actually wick the water out! It works!) One I took out though did mold. Drats. It belongs to another school so I will have to buy a copy to replace it. Also took some of our oversized books I had pulled off the fiction shelves and recall numbered them to fit on our Everybody shelves or the 398.2 for legends. Much better places for them to be. Checked out calculators to a teacher because she has an aide that is testing them all to see who works and who doesn't. That is awesome!! Changed out a lightbulb for her projector as well! Checked in and out books here and there all day. Managed the students coming in to the library. Found some old social studies textbooks for a teacher at another school so they are sending them over. A very enjoyable day, even with the moon almost full!

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