The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Audio Books!

With much good thanks to the Librarian at Sprague Mrs. H! She was looking at her audio books that were appropriate to Middle School ages and sent me a list and they arrived today, all rebarcoded for our school and ready to go! I'm so excited! Came in and found books that I had sent out, put back in my mailbox shelf! So I took them back down, and redid our district mail to send them to where they are supposed to go! Picked up a projector, DVD player and speakers from a teacher. Replaced a lamp in another projector. Did my word for the day. Had Mrs. M's class in first period to check out books and that took into second period to finish them all up. She came back fifth period for the same things. Got the old, old, really ratty American Nation books all transferred to us and got them all checked out to Mrs. B. Had my third period aide take those up and the box of teacher materials for the new math books up to Mr. G. Got all my non-fiction shelved and got through the last bits of stuff on my back counter that have patiently waited since I came back to get to them! Just odds and ends of things that came in at the end of the year that I didn't have time for. Barcoded math books. New barcodes for some others. Shelved all the non-fiction. As well as the rest of the cookbooks I had set on the counter by that section and forgot about until today when I went to shelve over there...Another busy day and more checking out tomorrow!

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