The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Inspiring the Future

That was our focus at the LMSS meeting today. Remembering to be inspired by the students we serve every day. Got our new budgets (not set yet! We should be getting more!), talked about the stats from the year. Had meetings with our advisors and talked with our feeder schools. It was a great meeting and said good-bye to our textbook guy, Mr. C who retired today. He's been a great person in tackling the textbook side of things and I will miss his voice on the phone and cheery emails. Back at school our IC found a bunch of the schoolwide boxes in a back room, so I took a cart and brought them down and checked them in with all their pieces - we are only missing two books from them. Got rid of some more books to Language Arts teachers. Checked out 40 Readers Handbooks. Got all the Read 180 stuff ready to be picked up tomorrow. Got all the Bits and Pieces done and almost all the Prime Time math books (found another box!). Checked out more resources to teachers. Played Pandora with my Celtic shuffle to get through the end of the day while I reeled out those math books!

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