The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What Did I Do Today?

Sometimes I do feel that way when I get home! What in world did I do for eight hours?? Then I think back and yes, it comes! Did three classes of book talks and checked out two of them myself. Shelved books so our carts were all cleaned off, well, at least until that last class came in. Packed up all the books that had come in over the summer and have them ready for LMSS to process. Wrote out the sheets for all those. Laminated a few things with my new rolls. Got some new books from Scholastic this afternoon and my new display racks! Went to our Middle School Library Assistant meeting over at Crossler. That was well worthwhile, can't wait to share with teachers a couple of our new websites we have up and I really need to check out an ebook on my iPad here to try the new system we have! Redid some labeling on a few books. Handed out new projector filters. Found some Access Math books in a classroom, but still had to ask for some for another class from one of the high schools. Had lots of my booktalk books get checked out! That always makes me happy!

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