The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I was so excited last night. I had to do book talks today and the teacher wanted what was hot and new! So I had gotten back my two autobiographies on Misty Copeland and she was on Jimmy Kimmel last night! I tried to video this morning (it was hysterical) but couldn't, so went with a photo of her ballet with Jimmy and Guiermo and her dance company. Both books were checked out by the end of the day! I loved that book! And so glad I could bring  a very relavant picture in for the kids to see! Perfect timing! So, I did two book talks today and checked out books. Had three classes in to pick up their new math books. Finished off the Moving Straight Ahead numbering on those math books and started the next set. Got all the non-fiction put away and straightened up that area since it was pretty decimated by the students last week. Shelved the rest of the new books on CD we had gotten from Sprague. Sent out two books to other schools. Had the techs come in and check on a doc camera for our band teacher since I couldn't get anywhere with it this morning (Louie, Louiii, oh, yeah...) Worked with him on the crazy icons that came up with the Axis360 program. We had gotten rid of them, but then the program didn't want to work correctly. Laminated a few things. Moved the TV's on the big carts into the back room. So much better! Again, another busy day! But loved every minute!

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