The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, October 23, 2015

2 Numbers

Felt so bad about the horrid laminating job I had done on Mrs. K's poster, I decided to replicate it and relaminate and it turned out better than I had hoped! I don't think she even noticed that it had been redone! Today I finished off numbering the Let's Be Rational books today and found two that had no barcodes, and I had no barcodes left over. Since I had found one on the floor and created a new one, I figured that it had to be operator mistake. So I ended up taking the 310 books and putting them all in order to find the two that were missing. I did find them though! So that made me happy. Got the barcodes remade and all the books back on the shelf! Pulled out the next set of math books, Stretching and Shrinking. Inventoried all of those. Got books together for non-fiction book talks on Monday. Took a document camera to the band room to replace the psychodelic one. Lots of books came in, and lots went out. Had classes in the computer lab, a few classes in the library. It was a great day!

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