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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Student Picks

I'm not sure what I did today! But I worked all day! I found my Crack'N Peel that I've been looking for! I ended up calling reprographics and they had it! So I ordered 50 sheets. Then I tried to get the Due date master scanned so I could send it in to reprographics to make new ones, and didn't do it! That was so frustrating! I still haven't heard from AR for a quote, not sure why. I'll have to contact them tomorrow. Had my aides do like a staff pick like they do up at Powell's books instead of a book report. I'd rather have students inspire other students to read! I talked with two of our language arts teachers for their students to also write reviews! I'm looking forward to that! Got in our Access Math books so I processed them in and got them checked out to our teacher who needed them. Did some laminating today. Helped a teacher with their projector that is dimming out on them. Didn't get it fixed, but she will probably end up putting in a tech ring. So much still to do!

I forgot to mention that the study hall teacher had to do a training in the library computer lab and his sub didn't show, so they brought the students to be in the library while he was in the lab. The girls got a bit bored so I grabbed one of our new books on yoga and it was fun to see all the girls doing poses in the corner of the library!

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