The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Checking out an eBook

I must admit I am very proud of the work I got done today. I contacted AR and they resent the quote I was looking for so I passed that on to the 6th grade language arts teachers and our principal. Not a bad price for the service it will render to our school. I also managed to download and check out my very first eBook from Axis360 from Baker and Taylor! I picked Stargirl  for my first check out and really am enjoying it. Then when I got home tonight I went into the App Store and loaded it onto my iPad. I may take in my iPad tomorrow to show the students as they come in for lunch. I want to see them really get into it and check out books! I also took all the Scholastic books I ordered and wrote them up and sent them to LMSS for processing. Shelved all the non-fiction. Talked with some great parents about their son's account and we put a notice on that he could only check out one book at a time for now. After school and I got off, I went down and helped out at our track meet. Pointing the runners to where they needed to go. It was fun and a great day. Cloudy, and just a touch warm, but perfect for running. Afterwards a student thought there was a bus so we went around together and Mr. M said, no, there was no bus after the meet and let her come into the office to call her dad. He is such an awesome principal!

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