The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Library Packed

We had so much going on today! Came in to find the library in a mess. Usually the LEAP crew has it pristine, but not today. Had to push in a ton of chairs, clean up some stuff. Talked to the head of LEAP and he said that he was very sorry, but a student had a meltdown and that kind of threw things into a different mode. Ah, the explains it. I've never seen it that bad before. Three classes came in to check out new books. I had four classes in to use the computer lab. Got the math books from upstairs and inventoried them all, then checked them out to the teacher who had been using them. Inventoried our Moving math books. Tried to get my new Axis360 account to let me browse the whole district rather than just the middle schools and couldn't do that. Had a visit by my supervising Teacher Librarian and we had a good talk. Took down all the books under the windows so hopefully the custodial crew will clean the windows tomorrow! Did a little bit of laminating. Started to number the Moving math books. Checked in all the classes of books.   Ran a lot of them through the remagnitizer. Did some quick repairs and put a lot of books into maintenance status. Got a count on the OBOB books to which ones we will use for the tournament next May. Inservice Day tomorrow! I'm excited to see how to run our NetSupport at it's best!

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