The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Felt today like I was jumping all day. Had a student come in very early to check in some books because he's getting a new schedule. Then had an email from our PE teachers looking for a document camera. I said we didn't have any, but would try to get one. Asked the building. Called over to LMSS and after talking with three people, got ahold of the person I needed (she wasn't in yet, then off in the building, then she called me back) and then I realized, duh, you could use the one off our meeting cart. Duh. Had that delivered 3rd period. Wanted to highlight more of our audio books so had my aide make up this signs for the books! She did a great job of getting them and I set them all up. Checked out five classes of math books today. Checked in the old math books. Fined a couple of students that were harder on the books than they should have been. Sent out a notice for teachers to request me coming in as a zombie librarian to do Scholastic book talks and asked them also for book suggestions for our library. Got some great responses to books to get in, and one request so far to zombie book talk! Have book talks tomorrow, and collected books after I learned she wanted new and 'hot of the press' books! So glad I asked! I had a stack of other titles, but swapped that around. Went around the fiction late today and cleaned a lot up. Then started to shelve the non-fiction. Got all the graphic done, then the 100's - 300's mostly done. It really needed it! After feeling a bit overwhelmed, left feeling very satisfied with everything and ready for tomorrow!

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