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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Getting into eBooks

So I found out today I was getting into our ebooks all wrong, and I should have used our magic wall, then gone into Axis360 to read the book I downloaded. Maybe that's what I did at first, and then forgot?? Oh my. So I had two of my aides today go into the wall and download and start to read off the computers at school. That went pretty quick, so I may start an eBook club at school next month. Had some of the girls today work on leaves for my 'graveyard' scene. I'm doing an RIP tombstone, sort of, Read In Peace. Maybe a coffin with Goosebumps books inside and you have to check out and read the book you pull out of it? Maybe! Numbered a bunch of the Let's be Rational math books today (I think I keep messing up their name...) Checked out three classes of books today. Checked in the old books and scanned them. Messed up with Mr. C and our DLC class. I keep forgetting they come in on Thursdays this year and I told Mr. C he could bring in his science class to use the tables. Oh my. I ended up writing in the DLC class for Thursdays, 2nd period for the rest of the year! I also gave Mr. C one of my kudo bars to apologize that he had to move his class, then he went upstairs to Mrs. C's room where there was a small class meeting there and they moved so Mr. C could come in. It really was a mess. I felt bad :( Did some laminating and it turned out really bad. I am not happy. I may redo her whole poster for her it was so bad. That one though was not my fault at least! Classes in the computer lab today, lots of students coming in to check out books. I even checked out a book on CD today! Huzzah! That made me happy!

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