The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Cookie Sales

Today we had our assembly for cookie sales. So, the periods were a bit smaller and I didn't have to go since I have no aides 6th period! Yeah! Got a cart of literature books ready for Mr. B. Got notice from Mrs. B that they will be working on the Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary War and Egypt for her Social Studies classes this week. So I started to think of books that I'd put out on my non-fiction shelf. Came up with a huge scroll I made for the library at Alexandria! It looks super cool! Did a lot of shelving so our carts would be empty by the end of the day. Got call slips together for books on hold for my aides to deliver. Had our PermaBound rep come by and we actually got to chat for awhile. He gave me a free book - gotta love that! The rest of the day was fairly normal. Had some students in to look for books during A lunch that slipped in, stayed too long, so I let their teacher know. Let students into the computer lab for lunch and they were happy! They could only play cool math games or do homework, but they pretty much obeyed, even if they asked several times for other things to do! Glad I don't have a meeting tonight! Ugh, my windows are so dirty, I might see about something to do to them over the weekend. They are pretty disgusting.

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