The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Jungle, But Not My Monkees!

Crazy afternoon at school. I thought there must be a full moon or something, but no! Maybe because it's grading day tomorrow?? Our after school program, the kids were so rowdy, I ended up closing the doors to my office and back workroom and shutting my blinds! And then turning on Pandora (my Celtic shuffle) to muffle the sound! Oh my! But it was the perfect solution! Started the day getting the computer upstairs in the lab number to request it for NetSupport, then over to Mrs. C's room to change her bulb. Then into the library computer lab to try and turn on the new wireless projector. Could not get it to talk to the computer, called technology and duh, forgot to click on the new icon for it and connect. I felt really dumb. Duh. Then classes in to check out books all day. Classes in the computer lab all day. Had a rowdy couple of students dropped off in the library last period, and called our security guy to take one of them to the bathroom and next I know, he's escorting them around and Mr. M is absolutely furious with them. Oh my! Glad I let security handle them. Got more Moving Straight Ahead math books numbered. Got an aide started on the next math set. Worked a bit on the math inventory. Sent out books to other schools. Half day tomorrow! I am ready for it!

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