The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Putting Things Away

I put away all the books I had taken out from under the windows, I think they all got done! Put away all the Egypt, India and American Revolution books. Put away a bunch of the non-fiction books today. Got some books with OBOB straightened out. Talked to one of our LMSS office people about the barcoding on textbooks and she said yes, I was right, they need to go inside the back cover and not outside with tape over the barcode, Huzzah! Got in 30 some odd boxes of the rest of the math books - oh boy! Put up a new display on that grading day is coming up Friday! Be aware! Turn in that homework, it can't get graded if you don't turn it in! (that was my son's biggest kerfluffle!) Paid my social dues, bought some Pete the Cat books for my granddaughter for her birthday. Checked out a lot of books today. Pulled some non-fiction books to book talk Wednesday. Tried to track down the Crash books for Ms. B. They were brought last Friday and I totally spaced it. Can't believe I did that. Loved the day, loved the kids, even the ones that drove me crazy!

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