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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Setting Mistakes Right

Today I really had to work on fixing up some flubs. After I got in and got the library ready for the day, I waited until 1st period, then drove over to Parrish and picked up the Crash books that Ms. B has been asking for it must be a month now. My first request got lost in email detritus. My second request was for a Kit, which is usually a class set, but this wasn't. Then I was supposed to pick up a class set on Friday at our Inservice, but totally spaced it. Never even crossed my brain paths. Then Parrish was going to bring it over last night on her own time and that didn't happen. So this morning I just took the bull by the horns and drove over and picked them up. She was so sweet about it! Brought them back and took them straight to Ms. B who was overly grateful I thought since it took me so long to get them! Argh! Walked in during a girl giving a book talk on Mr. Lemoncello's Library, and wanted to stay to hear it! I felt bad I disturbed her book talk. Set up a projector for a sub so the classes could watch a DVD on the screen rather than just on the TV. Checked in and out. Helped a teacher work NetSupport and she loved it! Thank you Mr. A for that great training! Had my PE/injured aide work on the Moving Straight Ahead workbooks. Showed her how to stamp them, top and title page, then put the barcode inside the back cover. At the end of the period I went to help her clean up before she had to go to her next class and she had put the barcodes on, but not in the right place. My fault for not checking on her!! Luckily she hadn't pressed them down very hard and I was able to pull up all but three and reposition them! That was a relief! Had a cart full of non-fiction for book talks tomorrow, so figured out she had five classes coming in, so I counted out five sets of books to talk about to give the students ideas about what to check out. Pulled more non-fiction to put on my rolling rack for them to see as well. Shelved half of my non-fiction then had a lovely sub come in and do some work for me. Got in new books!! I just sent them to LMSS last week and they are back already!! Stripped them, put on date due slips and they are ready to go forth into the world! Had the sub help me with that as well. She did awesome! Last part of my day I numbered math books and checked them through inventory. A busy day, but I felt good about making things right!

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