The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 21, 2011

11 Hours

Took last week off - just had too many things going on! Today was an 11 hour marathon since Thanksgiving is this week. We don't work Wednesday, so with the half grading day today, we actually have to work 2.5 days in 2! That comes to about 14.5 hours for me. So I packed in a ton today to just work tomorrow morning and then be off. Renamed shelves in the back. A lot of books were just numbered by masking tape and not very well, so I redid all the ones that needed attention. I also moved some books to make way for the new Periodic Table books that should be coming soon. I redid the PoT books in the back and also processed in 7 magazines for the library and 4 for teachers. Shipped out 3 sets of books and a single to their rightful owners. Checked out a class set of books to a teacher who will pick them up next Monday. Took down my November display and shelved books from there. Cleaned up books brought in for replacements and other odds and ends - processing them in and checking with the bookkeeper to make sure that the billing was correct. A long day, but that means a short one tomorrow!

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