The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Very excited that 24 of our The Periodic Table books came in today. I got them processed in and on the shelf I made room for last week. Processed in one magazine for us and one for a teacher. Checked out a student who is leaving us. Finished up the bulletin board, cleaned up from last week, went to the cafeteria to see if they remembered to save me some boxes for packing, they didn't (I probably wouldn't have remember either!). They did have one to give me and will remember tomorrow! So I did get one box packed with our withdrawn books. Checked out 40 BSCS Biology books to Mr. W and had to number some on the outside for him - easier to make sure they're all there. Got in our new tape (our 2012 magazines will be in pretty limish green on the spine!) and started work on the PoT books again, down to Unit 3 from starting out at Unit 14. Nearly there!

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