The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Got the online books all on the website today with the help of a great webbie from our student tech pool. She did a great job and when we added stuff and moved things around, she cheerfully did each item and let me know when it was done ('and don't forget to refresh!'). She was fabulous! Processed in a magazine, helped out students. Got an email from Mr. M asking our principal if he could order some workbooks for his AP Spanish students, and got the approval, so I sent out an email to the company to see if we could get any kind of discount on an order. I'll check around a few other places tomorrow as well. Also had a student come in and show us an 1874 Family Bible - wow! Very nice! It needed some work, so I gave them the name of a restorer and book repair person here in town with a great reputation, Max Marbles in case they'd like to see it repaired. I'd be too scared to try with something that old! Off to work out, go bowling, frost Christmas cookies and start to hang ornaments on the tree tonight.

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