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Thursday, December 15, 2011

What to My Wondering Eyes...

Should appear, but a new shelf for the back room for my PoT books! I had scrounged around and found some old shelves that fit, but I was one short so Mrs. H went out and her hubby cut one to size that they bought - Yeah! As well as a thoughtful gift from her. She really is an amazing person! Almost done with the PoT Unit 3's and hope to get them done tomorrow! Monitored students. Had one student eating the other computer lab today, so I told her that there was no food allowed and she was welcome to eat at a desk and then come to the lab. She said all right and threw her plate away, but her milk was still there, all closed. When I came back about 10 minutes later, she had nearly drunk all the milk, still there at one of our brand new computers. I told her how disrepectful it was for her to just ignore me from before, that these were new and probably wouldn't be replaced. I don't know if she listened or not, but it really made me angry. On the other hand, we went bowling last night and the other team had a Sprague kid on it! What a great student! We chatted from time to time on the lanes and she mentioned her teachers, so I sent them an email today letting them know I had seen and met her and how delighted I was with this amazing girl. One of the teachers wrote me back and told me she really appreciated it and wouldn't it be nice if we shared more good stories about kids like that so I passed that on to our Site Council leader. Otherwise a normal day at the library - one more before break!

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