The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I came in early since my son had an appointment this afternoon. Mrs. M very sweetly came in and worked my shift. Had a student come in with a book he purchased that was lost so he could buy prom tickets and it was one I had checked in yesterday! He had bought it online and there it was hiding in Ms. S's room all this time! I talked with Mrs. H and we decided to go ahead and buy it from him anyways, it was a great copy in great shape, don't want to let it go! He offered to donate it, but we said, no, he could get something for his prom date with that money. Only have 7 books left on my repair list in various stages so I turned to the innumerable (well, I do have a count somewhere) Principles of Technology books I was working on earlier this year. Found that we'll be getting in Fahrenheit 451 for the rest of the classes which should make our teachers happy so I let them know they were on their way. Processed in three magazines for us. Worked up front with Mrs. H this morning and had some great conversations with our morning aides, who I rarely get to see. Back to sleeping in tomorrow morning, my regular shift!

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