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Friday, April 20, 2012

Goodbye Friend

Today was the memorial service for an old friend that I met at Sprague when I first worked in food service there. Helen Holtmeier was amazing, a true woman of faith who was Christian and you accepted that about her or you just didn't associate with her! I love her and though we haven't been around each other much, I kept in touch through Mrs. H who's sister is married to Helen's son. So Mrs. M came in to work my shift and I came in early to work hers so I could attend the service this afternoon. So I got to open up the library and take care of the kids. Processed in four magazines, did more repairs, boxed up a surplus set of books for a teacher, found that a book we were getting in from another school may not be coming and that I thought we had two teachers to come and get class copies which would have worked, but had a note on the books that two others also wanted copies, so now we have four teachers and only 80 books! Arghh! So, I emailed the teachers to let them know and we'll see what happens Tuesday when the other school decides! Also got in a ton of math supplement books and while I was looking up a price, found that these are also online, so why did someone buy them? I'll have to look into that. Off for the weekend! Huzzah! To the beach!

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