The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Started the day with our inventory tracking meeting. Got to school and worked on repairs. The kids are really getting to me. We tell them not to eat in the computer labs, have a notice on all the monitors, and still they eat and ignore us. *sigh* It gets disheartening. Processed in one teacher magazine and four for the library. Checked out a class set of the Deutsch Aktuell 2 workbooks. Got in a notice that the school we are borrowing Fahrenheit 451 from may not have them to borrow after all, so I notified everyone. We have enough for class sets, but were really hoping to get enough for students to check them out. Had two boys today bring in two books from PE. While they were in class, someone took a trash can, filled it with water in the shower, and dumped their backpacks into it where they soaked for the entire period. The two books were ruined. Falling out of their boards, almost pulped already. I felt so bad for them. Hopefully they will find out who did it and they can pay for the books. Also had our security guard come into the library and pick up two girls who were there without a pass. As they left our security rails beeped as they went through. I asked the one girl if she had a book, she said 'no' but she had her phone out, so Mr. F, held her phone as she walked through and it still beeped, she said all she had in there was her math book, so I asked for her pack and sure enough, there was a library book in there not checked out. So we asked if she still wanted it and she was 'ah, no, I don't read.' and they left with Mr. F. One book saved! Mrs. H said "Well done!"

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