The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Seven Boxes

Today I packed up seven boxes of surplus books from the weeding Mr. L did last week so they will be ready for the pick up next week. Glad to have that ready! Did some repairs, processed in two magazines for us and one for a teacher. Newsweek is going digital only! No more print! So, it will be sad to see that one go. We already get it digital on Ebsco, so we don't need another digital edition of it so we'll request our subscription money back. Packed up a box of teacher materials we're not using right now, but they don't have barcodes, so I'm sending them to LMSS. Checked in and out a few things here and there through out the day. Closed down the computers in the library during lunch since the kids have gotten really squirrelly with changing resolutions, pulling the keys up and rearranging them on the keyboards, eating and leaving the remains behind, replugging stuff around the different hard drives. So, only the kids actually working on work can use the computers during lunch for the moment.

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