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Monday, June 13, 2011

From 2005???

Took in books all day today, but funniest moment was when a teacher was cleaning out a room and turned in some very old books, and one was a world history book that was still on the billing from a student in 2005! Can't believe that it was found! Took in more books today. Processed in the last (I hope) of the magazines for this year (7) and had a volunteer bring in all the magazines from out in the library and we worked on getting them all put away. Checked out staff on their paperwork. We only got in about a thousand books, way below what I hoped we'd get in. A student had issues with a book she said she never ever checked out and so took the print out and went off to the office to get it taken care of. Ten minutes, really, just ten minutes later a friend of hers turned it in. She said she'd let her friend know that she had it and it was now in. A parent called and was happy to hear that her child's books were all in. I ran reports for seniors with textbooks still out and a volunteer was going to check the stacks to see if any had gotten put away without being checked in. That will be a great help. He had two books already on my desk before I walked out the door.

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