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Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Closer

Took in a lot of books today - but still not a lot. Since Wednesday morning we've taken in more than 1300 books, but at that rate, we'll still have a lot left by the time we leave. Only 8 days of school left. I had a set of kids bring in 10 books, and none of them belonged to any of them! All but 1 were books that had been billed to about 5 different kids. Put money in print accounts, cleared the Main Frame from billings. Sent e-mails to our bookkeeper on the kids I don't have access to (they are no longer at our school). Checked in lots of regular library books as well from the window. Stayed after for the last Manga club meeting for the year and sat with Mrs. H for awhile and we just talked with each other and the kids. It was nice.

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