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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Algebra Kerfluffle

Had our first LMSS meeting today, but not before I found out that we are supposed to have Algebra Connections books from South HS. South sent all of theirs to Judson. So I contacted some people and hopefully tomorrow we will have an answer and some math books! Sent out a call to the old LMA to see if we have a book remagnetizer. I have a demagnetizer, but no way to put the charge back on. Or else I haven't found it yet. Got all Mr. O's books checked out, he does a lot of different classes. Found a whole box and a bit more of books that should have been sent to Crossler. Checked out another class set to a social studies teacher. Got some materials for a lady who is homeschooling her son. Sent out a "Five Finger Check Out" notice. Mr. O came in and just took his little English boxes, so I had to ask him to bring them back. Left about 9 for the LMSS meeting over at McKay. It was supposed to end at 11:30, but really didn't end until about 12:15ish. I had to talk with peeps about our magnetizer, tattle strips, OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) - will be getting a poster and some bookmarks for that! Yeah! I have a teacher interested in it this year. Went over new book buying procedures and we all had some concerns that we won't be able to look at prices anymore. That will make it hard to build a list, if we want to spend $500, we'll have to kind of guess on what makes that. We can take a list price and take our district discount to that, but it'll still be a lot harder than what it was. After the meeting, since we rarely get any time together, a lot of us ended up at Chipotle to just relax over lunch, then back to work. Had a teacher in the staff workroom ask me to replace the toner in the copier machine, so I poked into a cabinet, found the toner, and changed the drum. Pretty easy with the instructions on the machine. Tried to help a teacher with her computer, and she ended up having to go to the vice principal and found a way to do it. Good for her! Library looks better every day, but the disorganization is killing me - ugh! Stuff is literally all over the place. I need order! Order! That will take me all year I'm guessing.

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