The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don't Know My Own Strength

Today I went in and changed out the textbooks for a teacher. I had decided to give him the new ones, and right before I left last night he requested the old, so I changed that for him. Got the rest of the new Language Arts curriculum unboxed and ready for them to pick up. Then they had a big meeting in the library all morning, and I got to speak! Yeah! Though I forgot a couple of things, my book (If I Stay) and that I had computer use sheets ready to go for the month. Oh well! After they all left I boxed up the other old social study books in the boxes from the Language Arts, worked out about perfect! Opened up the window blinds and pulled one right out of the ceiling - whoops! Don't know my own strength. Our custodian came and fixed it. He is a very kind fellow. I washed off all the tables and the shelves under the windows. I must say there were a lot of little dead bug bodies by the windows, and spider webs. Helped a teacher with a flash drive, to put her lesson plans on the Q: drive. Checked out math calculators. Checked out a set of the 7th grade Language Arts materials. They did a new thing. They are in sets, so you scan the barcode and a table comes up with all the items in that box and you have to check to make sure they are all there before you can say yes, check it out. Interesting. Also had teachers in math come in and ask about the old CPM books the high schools used to use. I guess they are going to be transferred out to the middle schools. Good use for them! Better than sitting on needed shelf space! Had a cart of books that needed to be checked for damage so I did that today. Found about 10+/- that needed some work. Put the others away. Forgot to call back a mom who needs books for her son. Must do first thing in the morning.

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