The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

And on the Fourth Day...

Ready for some R&R! Got all my new hardbacks out on the rolling rack and up on the bookshelves today. Displayed other interesting looking to me books and really am liking how it looks. Still looking for the remagnetizer! Got more textbooks off the shelf so I now have three whole shelves with books displayed! So excited! Had a meeting at 10:00 for the classified staff and got to leave after we did our posters. Then I sent out a message that I'd laminate today and got in a bunch of stuff to do this afternoon. Had a potluck lunch and that was nice to sit with everyone and talk. Then a meeting until 3 this afternoon. We discussed lots of things and also we did some team building stuff. It was fun. Then we talked in the afternoon about emergency plans with our police liaison area. Then I went back to the library and got to talk with the former LMA and she let me know that they didn't have a demagnetizer! It was probably loaned to another school years ago. They haven't stripped books in five years she thinks. That would be a huge job to find all the books that need to be stripped. Wow. Took me about half an hour to laminate the jobs that came in and closed windows, turned off lights and headed out. Four day weekend! 6th graders start Tuesday! 

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