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Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day as a Lion

So excited to come to work today! Got keys, my badge and set to work! Boxes of new books, tables to set, old books to box up! I was running all day! I opened about 16 boxes of new social studies materials and used those to pack up some old books that were sitting on the top of book shelving. I was so happy to get that top cleared off. I have one more to go and I'll be glad to have the display space for library books. There were way too many tables in the window area, so I decided to follow ADA guidelines and finally got 7 tables finagled in there all perfect with lots of space. I took the other two tables and used one up front by the metal detectors and one behind the main check out counter. Love my view from my windows! Got to see some clouds sailing by, and hazy off in the distance the cascade mountains. Checked out 284 books to two teachers today. One I hadn't heard what edition he wanted in time, so I picked the new ones, then just before I left, he said he wanted the old ones! Might have time to change that in the morning. Had some English teachers come in and there were stacks of boxes I thought just for them, yes, just for them, but entered and barcoded, so I set about opening up all those boxes as well. Each box had a set of guided materials, three sets of each box. All three grades, all different lesson plans. I had seven towers taller than me! Didn't get them all open, but time just flew by.  I wrote on a space on each box, about ten of them, then found stickers in each box. Oh well! Used stickers after that! Saturday night I met an incoming student at the Teen End of Summer Reading Program at the Salem Public Library as I volunteered that night. She came in today and gave me a great big hug. Very special! Met great people, and got my lunch at 2, I was too busy before because I really needed to get a project done (getting that shelving top cleared!!). A great day, can't wait for tomorrow!

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