The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orchestra, Choir & King Arthur

Processed in 3 teacher magazines and did Time, Newsweek, People, Thrasher and Asimov's for the library. Checked out two classes of Literature and Language and checked in their Ordinary People. Packed up ten Fahrenheit 451 to ship to another school. Had a parent call on a damaged text book, so I told him what I had written on the 'issued to' page. He asked if I could send him the note, so I printed off a copy and got his address and put it in our mail. We had the orchestra come in today and play a piece so I actually came over and just listened to these incredibly talented students. Then for lunch the Rotary came and we had to close down the library for them and the choir came in and sang. For 4th period I received a request to 'evaluate' some class projects and watched students give a presentation on King Arthur. They had a PowerPoint, used the document camera for their Truth or Myth segment, made a board game, a scroll of the knight's 10 Commandments and made a video! The video was a great mix of storytelling and knightly mayhem! It was great fun! I also worked and almost completed Mr. S's Honors Brit Lit list. Since we are weeding books, Mrs. H got the list of books he asks his students to read and we went over it to make sure they stay on our shelves and don't get put to surplus! I checked the whole district to see which are available here and what other schools have that we could borrow from. When we get done with it, I'll give it to him and then he can see if he would really like any particular books brought in on our next PO to get more books.

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