The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Out with the Old

Moved books and shelves around today for the books I processed in yesterday. Went through a box of donated books to make sure we had copies. We had this amazing two volume set of Gone With the Wind I sent to LMSS for their rare/historical collection. Processed in a Newsweek and People magazine. I showed a teacher some of the repairs I do. She's proctoring with Mrs. H and wanted to see how to fix pages. She felt so bad she uses tape! So I did some stuff for her to see. Did a lot more weeding today in the fiction and nearly have an entire cart ready for Mrs. H to check before we withdraw and pack them up for surplus. Did the usual check in/check out. Checked a student's SASI account to see his damage fee hadn't been removed from his account. They didn't pay it, but he came in and did work to pay it off. So I took the payment off. Showed some more students today how to search for subjects in the library - these needed books for their diversity project. I also found a book we thought was missing, our new The Art of Racing in the Rain! There it was on the shelf as I was weeding, right where it belonged!

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