The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rolling Eyes Smiley

Distributed out the laundry basket of books, contacted the other schools and boxed up the texts and sent them back to three other schools. Monitored the computer lab, we're trying to get really particular about the students when they are sent to study and making sure they are working on a project and not just messing about. Checked out a student who is moving over break. Boxed up more books for surplus and a few others that needed special packaging. Checked out Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to Mr. S's class. Cleaned up 2 schools borrowed books reports so that what I have down matches what they have down. Two schools to go! Did some book repair. Checked out the CIS instructions for tomorrow, and I couldn't find them, so I emailed Mrs. A to get another copy of that and she brought it over. Pulled some more books to display on the shelves. Helped a student with his diversity project. This is a project that Mrs. H works on with health classes. Since she wasn't here today I got to help out. He needed to find magazine articles on people who are living with schizophrenia. So I helped him get on the Gale website and put in some names to show him how to do that. He was very negative, told me he'd already read a book and finished that part of it and would never read another book again, hated the diversity but was told he had to do that one. (Wish I had a rolling mom eyes smiley for here.) Maybe he was just having a bad day, I hope it gets better :)

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