The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Spent most of today working on the new books. Making new entries for AP Physics, the AP Testing Workboooks and AP Biology and stamped and barcoded them, and moved other books to get them in place. Also placed the new Mythology books and regular Biology books in. Revamped the French Bien dit! books and workbooks and broke in the spines on the new ones we got in and started to stamp them. Helped get the boxes of books out for the new shelves to continue the 900 section. Barcoded Street Law and made space for the new copies rearranging the old ones that were too crowded and barcoded Homes Today and Tomorrow and got those into place. Sent out e-mails to teachers on what they wanted to do with certain books. Mrs. B wants all the new Guide to Good Foods checked out to her for her classroom sets so I checked them all out to her and let her know they were ready for her to pick up. She wanted to keep all 40 of the old set of books for absent students to check out, and I asked if maybe we could just keep 20 instead. Less space to use up and she said that was fine. Sent an e-mail to our Follett rep that we did have some books and workbooks for him to check out and he will be out on Monday.

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