The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boxes and Registration

Very happy to be back at work! I was in last week and picked up my badge and keys, so I knew about all the boxes that are waiting for me in the back room! We did get in new textbooks, not as many as were requested, but more than I thought would be approved, so happy unboxing day! I decided to unpack everything, a cart for each title. There were about 70 boxes I unpacked and some teacher resources and AVID things as well. I put the AVID stuff in Mrs. H's office. I did get everything unpacked and ready to work on. Checked amounts on the packing slips. When I came in, the office asked me to help out a bit with registration today and especially tomorrow, so I took a crash course in the program and helped out for about half an hour today changing data for students on our database, new phone numbers, addresses, etc. Once I got all my privileges set, it was a pretty easy process and I actually helped some kids! Today was easy, just seniors and juniors, tomorrow are the sophomores and freshmen which are quite the herd...

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