The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, August 30, 2010

First Monday

Today I finished off the new Precalculus with Limits books. Some had been broken in, but I finished them off and barcoded them, made room on the shelf for them as well. Also finished off the French books and got them all reshelved and tagged. Redid the Civics shelves and found a lot of room. Still no room for the English books, but they can stay on a cart for now. Mr. C came from Follett and bought some old workbooks from us and a set of textbooks we were getting rid of. I withdrew the textbooks and they are all set for pick-up tomorrow and he left us a check for what he bought (I gave it to Mrs. H!). Sent out my 'you need to schedule your textbook pick-ups' out to all the teachers today and already had one response before I left today! w00t! The teachers are all due back tomorrow so I'll start writing things down on my pick up sheets to start getting that all organized. Checked out some new materials to new teachers, and some to old teachers. Started working on the last of our 80 box stash of books - the American Gov. books. Some have stickers that need to be peeled off and the stickiness taken care of. I asked Mr. C how they got the stamps and numbers off the ends of books and he said they have these amazing belt sanders and have 4 people running them all day - I want one!!

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