The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Had a mom today bring in a whole pack full of books from both her sons. They all checked out, though one son still has a couple of other books still out, one was now all clear. Worked on the second set of shelving today, cleaning in off, dusting off the books and renumbering the books that we use all the time. Processed in three magazines, helped a bunch more students today. Took off of the old bulletin board and started working on my new one. We have student who has decided he doesn't need to check out a book, and just goes into our back room, takes the books he wants (AP Physics and Calculus) then just stashes them around the library. We've found them a bunch of times in various places, so today I took the AP books (since there's only two of them) and locked them up in our cupboard and left our young Robin Hood a note. I'm hoping he laughs at it, then decides to check them out like everyone else does. We'll see. I wish we had a camera back there!

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