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Friday, November 9, 2012

Three Tables

Mrs. H didn't win any of the awards last night, but she looked awesome walking the red carpet at the Elsinore Theater and we all had a great time:) A lot of amazing teachers won and it was staggering how much time, effort and money they all spend to make things happen for their students and schools, I was so impressed! During the bond work last summer, they busted up three of our tables, so we got in the new tables and Mrs. H and I worked on putting them all together today. It took a good part of the day to lay out all the parts (screws, comlocks, hinges, etc.) and get the directions in the right order and then go for it! We got all three done and we were only missing one part. I worked in the back on cleaning up the shelving back there from the bond work. Even though they tarped the shelves, still a bunch of junk got inside and all over the shelves (top ones are the worst) down to the bottom. I take off all the books, wipe down the shelves and put the books back. If they are books we use a lot, I'll go ahead and put their book number in notes on the Destiny program. A pain, but I feel better knowing that the mess back there is getting cleaned up.

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