The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Came in this morning to find two techs in the textbook room with carts and boxes to enhance our wireless at the school. Many students and staff will love it! We already have quite a few kids that have their own laptops they bring and don't forget their phones - yes, they do even assignments on their phones (as well as Facebook, etc...) Worked more on barcodes today and watched over Manga Club until Mrs. D came in just before I had to leave. Checked out various books here and there. Took in another class of Algebra 2 V1 books for the V2 books. Had students come in after lunch to my lab and one computer had a number 7 missing off the keyboard and a different keyboard (just two down) had a 6 missing. What? Why? I had to go through our 'bone' pile and find another 6, but the 7 wouldn't work (different model) so I traded keyboards so it would have all its parts. Really? Just amazes me how kids think its all right to break, steal and disrespect what they have here. Talked with Mr. C about our damaged books problem and he explained it a bit better to me and we also talked about when would be a good time to do training, so I suggested one of our half inservice days, that there was one next week, and then another on May 3rd. He appreciated that and said the May one would give him time to get some good things going for us to work on. Withdrew 108 old library books who are well past their 'use by' date.

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