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Monday, March 4, 2013

World Lit

Finished doing the status, renumbering and moving of the World Literature books today. Checked out a class set of Wild Children to Ms. O. Checked out various Wuthering Heights. We have our honors kids getting copies and so I ask, do you want just the text? Or the text with notes and criticisms? Most take the notes, but a few just go for the text. Checked in two books that came over from South. Also checked in some left behind books from a teacher's room that she brought over. One was a replacement copy we'd just bought a year or two ago for our very poor condition P.H. Lit Gold books. It had gotten soaked and though it was dry now, the pages were wrinkled, stuck together and mold everywhere. So sad to see. So, I made a billing for damages and we'll see if Destiny gets that into the InTouch billing system. I sent an email to our bookkeper to keep an eye on it.

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