The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Almost 7

That's right, ramping up my time to get in so next week I'll be coming in at 6:45 for the students. Worked on another box of the Baker and Taylor order, putting in strips and checking off titles. Placed some more on the rack, and others on the rolling book shelves over by the 900's. Worked on the bulletin board by the front door, Mrs. M always did an amazing job, she is so talented and artisitic, so the kids will have to put up with my sorry excuses for boards! But that's all right! At least I got it started with 'Welcome Back Oly's' on there for the staff meeting tomorrow! Checked in several books for students and helped clear a few. Talked to a student about our Manga club today. She had heard about it and will be a freshman this year, and she's really excited about it. Finally heard that we did get our AP Chemistry books in, but they sent me a document with labels, but the labels won't print correctly on the labels! Only three rows actually were usuable :(   So I sent an email letting them know they didn't print correctly. I have been having to tweak my printing of labels, so maybe this will get my settings back in line. Checked out a class set of books to Mrs. W today, and have to get some for Mrs. J tomorrow. The rush is on!

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