The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome Back Teachers

Which made it very busy for me today! Checked out four class sets to teachers today and took the numbers and days for when they'd bring in students to check out books. Did reconnect with quite a few! Got in our new AP Chemistry books, and Mr. W was very excited and pleased that I got him all fitted out with the teacher resources we got in, and he approved all the books for the students so I can start processing those in. Helped out some of our new teachers. Worked with Mr. D on the Conceptual Physics books and how we lost so many last year. With only two teachers, they can each have a class set and I'll have some extra for the students that really need a copy. Working with Mr. J and our admin to find out how many Earth Science books we need to keep and who to send the rest out to. Had a student and mother come in. They had been billed for books and said they were in, so I checked, and yes, the books were in! I love it when that happens. One came up with a note that a different student had been billed for it, so I checked her out to make sure that she had no fines on her account from us. Good to have our teachers back, a very busy day!

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